We accompany you in the release of physical and emotional pain. In a simple way, without physical manipulations, or having to relive the sufferings.

Want to know more?

On this same website, you can find a description of what Structural is and where it came from; when and where we hold the talks, both face-to-face and online; the fairs we participate in; and also informative videos and the Descargando el alma programs. And if you don’t find what you need, contact us.

Do you want to receive sessions?

Our team is at your disposal. Choose who you want to do the sessions for you and contact them. We can help you with fatigue, discouragement, sciatica, low back pain, kidney pain, back pain, neck pain, headache, migraine, vertigo, fibromyalgia, emotional blocks, family patterns, phobias, addictions, unresolved grief, traumas…

Tu també en pots aprendre

It is a simple method, which is learned very quickly. The training is structured in modules. In Module 1 you will learn to work on the physical and in Module 2 you will enter the world of emotions.

Singular Trainings

We like to have fun. Learning is not at odds with traveling, walking in the woods, swimming in the sea, skiing, singing… or whatever you propose. Visit our unique formations section, if you don’t find anything that suits you, look at it later or make us a proposal.

Si ets alumne

We want you to feel accompanied, that’s why we do meetings, monthly online meetings and other activities. You can also enter the private section for students of the Module 1 o del Module 2, where you will find material that you can download.

And also…

Visit our store, where you will find the products we have selected for you.


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